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Preclinical Safety Assessment and Pharmacovigilance 7.5 C

The past decade has seen a rise in the numbers of people working in the field of drug safety and pharmacovigilance. This trend is likely to continue and reflects a greater focus on the safety of medicines. This introductory course in Preclinical Safety Assessment and Pharmacovigilance is organized by the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences at Uppsala University in collaboration with the Uppsala Monitoring Centre at The World Health Organization.  

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This is a half-time web-based course during 10 weeks. This corresponds to 20 hours work per week and requires a commitment to engage in all assignments.

This web-based course encompasses safety aspects in all phases of drug development and drug use. We will discuss the safety of drug candidates and new pharmaceuticals based on toxicity studies as well as on clinical trials. We will also review risk / benefit assessment of drugs and the safe use of medicines. There is no need to physically attend the university for any sessions or examination and the language of instruction is English. A web-based teaching platform (the Student Portal) will be used. The course includes video lectures, four mandatory individual assignments, two mandatory group assignments and a final web-based examination.

The course is given twice a year, in the beginning of each semester. Apply onlineThe April admission round starts in the middle of March and ends 15 April. The October admission round starts in the middle of September and ends 15 October.  For more detailed information about the course click here. 



Drug Safety and Toxicology